1. Please submit the digital version of drawings and related documents to Please include“Dongjingyu Village Regeneration International Landscape Design Competition” in the title of the submission e-mail.

2. Language: English

3. Scale and dimensions must be in metric units.

4. Documents: Recognizable scanned copy of passport and student card should be attached in the e-mail. Participants are responsible for the authenticity of the documents.

5. Entry Requirements
a.Specification: The layout of the 841mm x 594mm drawing should be horizontal. Each work should be composed of 3 drawings as follows:

b. Content: The drawing should include characteristics of chosen site, relation between design the site and nature, as well as scale of intervention and other details, such as a site-plan that can fully express the design intention; plans, elevations and sections; perspective drawing, illustration and a design description of about 500 words (to be integrated in the pictures and drawings). There is no limitation on proportion.
c. A TXT document must be attached in the e-mails of the submission, which include participants’ name, registration number, e-mail address, mobile phone number, name and contact information of the advisor (if any), the full name of the school and department or full name of the design company, title of the proposal and a brief design description.

Submission list
(1)Three A1 (841mm * 594mm) panels in landscape version
(2)Booklet in A3 size (420mm*297mm),no more than 20 pages (construction material list and total cost should be included)
(3)Supplementary documents (like model photos and videos) if necessary.