Jury’s Views

Jury :lixinggang

Q: What are your feelings and expectations after visiting site? And please analyze the theme of the competition for the participants.

A:I have never thought that there would be such excellent villages, Dongjingyu village (in the east) and Xijingyu village (in the west) which are so close to the Dule Temple (the structures date back to 10th century; a mecca for students of Chinese architecture). These two villages are in stark contrast to each other. Xijingyu is a lively village that has been flourishing since hundreds of years ago when it was first built. But in the case of Dongjingyu, all the villagers had removed out, leaving the place to decay. The juxtaposition is really impressive. Of course, the future of Dongjingyuis interesting and even tantalizing. Compared with Xijingyu, what will become of Dongjingyu? That is what we expect participants to explore. As one of the co-initiators, Director Huang Jingtao has mentioned, our idea is to look for more possibilities for Dongjingyu, instead of finding an expression for our existing vision. I think the competition brief is very unique, open-minded and foresighted.Through competition and other activities, and with a unique site like Dongjingyu, we’d like to invite people to imagine and create and broaden our knowledge base. Meanwhile, we also invite visitorsto participate in these events and make a difference in Dongjingyu in their own ways, which is going to be very exciting. It’s hard to tell what this competition will bring to Dongjingyu. But I enjoy being an observer, a spectator, waiting for unique and stimulating ideas and visions to unfold