1. Q:How many people could be in a group? Could we be an cross-disciplinary group? For example a landscape architect collaborates with an architect.
A:There is no limitation for the number of group members, but we suggest no more than 5 people in a group. Of course, it could be an cross-disciplinary group.

2. Q: How to register in a group ?
A: You only need to use one person’s information to register, other members’ information could be in the TXT document which will be attached in the email of work submission. Every participant need to provide a recognizable scanned copy of passport which should also be attached in the e-mail.

3. Q: Is that one group can only submit on design?
A: Yes , it is.

4. Q: Our group members come from different countries (including China) and different institutions , but all of us are working in China now. Should we register and submit by Chinese standard or international standard? How could we register?
A: Please follow the international standard. You only need to use one person’s information to register.